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QSS 3101 - Scanning within QSS Kids


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We recently upgraded to an Epson Perfection Series flatbed scanner. We've found the new Noritsu provided scanning program to be very buggy and is crash prone if you try to scan with an external scanner and draw the red box around a picture. If the box touches the lower left or right hand corner of the scanning region, the program crashes.

Before the Epson, we had a cheap Vistascan scanner that came with the machine. It was able to use its own scanning program from within QSS. However, according to Noritsu, this is not possible to use external program anymore. They said we have to use their provided program.

Well, I went in and found the exe that it uses and copied over the Epson scanning program and it's dll files. I renamed it to the same filename as the noritsu scanning program and tried starting it from within QSS. And it worked! Did a test scan and it came up in the QSS program just fine. However, about an hour later, I tried to do another scan and it went from being good (left pic) to being horribly distorted (right pic)

Any ideas why this would happen? Has anyone else had success changing the scanner program to use something other than Noritsu's provided program?

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We also have the vistascan scanner with our 3001 and if we use the scanner icon in the noritsu software we get the same problem you have.

When we use the flatbed now, we start the scanner software (Ulead photo express) and scan in using that software

Having said all that, we hardly use the Astra scanner at all, as we have an Epson 4990 on our networked computer and we use that all the time.

Faster, better colour and it does not slow down the 3001 which is working.

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What software version + profile data version are you running on the 3101, also what Epson scanner are you using?

I have seen the problem before, that is why you have to use the Noritsu version of the scan software! It's something to do with an incompatable twain driver Epson use.

You may have an incompatible software & profile data combination causing the software to crash.

The only way you can use the original Epson program is to scan in Windows and save to the hard drive, then print the image from the hard drive.

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We're running Main software version E003. I'm assuming the Profile data is version 5.50. I couldn't find the version for it listed in the version screen and the only profile data cd that I could find was of 5.50.

The scanner is an Epson Perfection 4870 PHOTO.

Are you sure there isn't a way to use the Epson scanning software? It seems to work sporadically. It worked fine when I first used it. An hour or so later, I tried to scan the same picture to show someone, and it was no longer working (well, working but distorting the image).

The Noritsu program is extremely lacking in options. The Epson one lets you draw boxes around multiple pictures at a time, scan film, and you can tell it to scan in black and white/sepia among other options.

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I remember trying to get the Epson scan software to work before Noritsu made there own version, got the same results as your picture.

The Noritsu driver is basic, but it is only designed for the odd print to print job.

If your doing loads of scans then use the scanner on an external PC as Neil said it is going to be a lot quicker and will not tie up the machine.

I suppose you can't have everything.

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  • 8 months later...

Started playing with this again... Updated to profile version 6.54. Scanning is still intermitant using Epson Scanning software. Half the time it scans fine and the other half it's twisted and changed into black&white.

Wondering if there's an update to the FBScan.exe file or a place to download an alternative image acquisition program? What I really want to be able to do is draw a box around 5 pictures on the scanner and have it scan them all at once and plop them all into the Noritsu software. Doing it with the Epson scan only puts the first photo.

Yes, I'm stubborn and determined to get this to work...

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What main software version are you running on your 3101? We are on J002 with our 3001. We have unplugged the vista scan and puy it in a cupboard. Our tech told us the only way to fix the problem was to reload ALL the Noritsu operating software from scratch - something I am not prepared to do at this time.

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We're using Main software version E003.

We just had everything reloaded a couple weeks ago due to the video card and the board that sends the files to the external writer going bad. Their first step for that was to reload everything.

Unfortunately, reloading didn't fix the scanning issue using Epson Scan. See below picture on how it comes into the QSS software.

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