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2611 Operating Discs


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I wonder if anyone would have the programme discs for a 2611 RA machine.  When we bought it second hand, we didn't receive any discs.  At the time we were newbies so didn't think to ask.  I would like to re-install the operating discs because umpteen adjustments don't seem to be bringing the colour back into line so back-up discs aren't helping.  My only other though with this request is, would the discs be generic across countries, given different power requirements and all.  Have tried some sources here in Oz but no luck so far.  

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The program disks are purely the operating system for the machine, re-loading these will be unlikely to solve your balancing problems.

Initializing the scanner data and reloading the basic data and performing an initial set-up is probably going to be the only solution. But to do this you?ll need a special Noritsu initial set-up neg, a service disk and the basic data disks.

Loading the backup data should overwrite all the bad data providing the bad data is not on the backup disk!

If you have an old backup disk you can try loading it and see if machine is any better, back up what you have now onto another disk before doing this just in case!

With regard to the disks from other countries the only likely difference will be the language, though all of them have English on them as well.

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Agree with above post. I wouldn't reload the software unless you are sure that' s whats causing the problem. Did the colour suddenly change? Is the chemistry good? How does the daily set-up look? Eliminate all other possibilities before contemplating performing the initial set-up. If you don't have the neg & setup disks you will have to get a Noritsu / Kodak tech to come and do it for you, and of course that's going to cost $.

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;D I think u got the picture fellas.  This is a bit like formatting your hard drive and loading all the programmes back on in any computer.  I just tend to think that these are such stoic machines that this is my best option.  I have no initial discs and heaps of useless backups.  I just wonder if the inital set up discs are specific for each machine, or whether they are transferrable.  Naturally, Im not into paying big bucks for these discs, in fact, they would probably cost more than the machine is worth.  What do you think?  

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Initial data is machine specific, it is more to do with all the mechanical settings.

Basic data is for the set-up side of things (not machine specific), but the data is not accurate enough to load and start printing with, an initial set-up has to be done to calibrate the data to your particular scanner, and paper/ chemistry combination.

This involves printing a special negative, and reading in the test prints to calibrate the machine.

If you can get hold of a service data backup from another 2611 running the same paper and chemical combination as you, you may get away with just loading the scanner data (in service mode), it really depends on how similar the scanners are to each other.

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