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Film Scanner on 3001


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Hi all wondering if anyone can help us. All our film work seems to have the ripple effect that we have disscussed before on this forum from over sharpening. You can hardly see it on 6x4s but when we are printing 10x8s it is quite apparent. The result basically is our film prints look a little soft as if out of focus. Digi work is fine so it is definately the scanner, noritsu think its out of focus. I have cleaned the light source from the bulb to neg. also registered the light source in service mode. Suggestions anyone??

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Not really anything you can do without the special Noritsu focus jigs, only way to tell is to re-adjust the focus and see if the focus number changes by more than 10.

Different focus setting values are used depending upon what size is being printed there are 5 in total for 35mm.

It may be a combination of focus and scanner swing and tilt adjustments (scanner angle and position) needed to be done

Unfortunately a Noritsu only job.

If the AFC is ever replaced the focus needs to be re-done on the new AFC, as each carrier will be slightly different.

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