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QSS 3001 Scanner


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The 3001 light source is fussy at the best of times, your problem is likely down to the lamps you are using.

Some of the equivalent lamps have a different type of reflector compared to the original Noritsu lamps this will cause problems.

Try a using Noritsu lamp and see if problem clears.

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Have you tried doing a scanner CCD calibration? It may help. After that try doing a lamp balance.

Can you get into service mode? If so, try doing a scanner CCD calibration in service mode - I am told than this is different that if you are not in service mode and apparently it does more during the operation

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Check the diffusers (3 of them) on the AFC are not cracked/ damaged, as this will cause the problem. Hold the AFC up to the light with the outer cover open to check there is nothing stuck on the inside of the diffusers.

Remove the AFC and clean the light area on the scanner unit with a slightly moistened cloth, then polish dry with a soft cloth.

When you

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Still  iam not able to update , i cleaned all possibe light area but no way ... even i tried to do scanner CCD calibration in service mode then also i failed to update light source & i lost totally light source , when i scan negative iam getting black picture after that i restore from backup data ... what other possiblity will be there ?????

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Other possibility is you have a cracked/ broken filter wheel, if you remove the top cover from the scanner unit, (thin white plastic cover just clipped on), you will see the fibre optic cables go to a round bunch towards the back of the scanner,  remove the bracket that holds the round bunch of fibre optic cables in place, then pull the fibre optic cable bunch away from the light source area, in output check rotate the colour filter wheel, shine a torch from the lamp area to check each filter is ok, there are three different filters on the wheel.

If any are cracked the entire filter wheel will have to be replaced as individual filters are not available.

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