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Any experts with .xml templates?


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My nightmare is a vertical template(2 3x5 and 4 wallets)  that needs to be horizontal. And it just won't convert >:(  I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.

I have made all my package templates but this is the first to require rotated mixed photos and I'm dickin something up.

Anybody want to float me a copy of KODAK CTS Template Generator Plug-in?? ;D

I heard it was 4000 bucks :o

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Well that horizontal reference is to the input file/source. If you send a vertical file it will appear in the horizontal inside the software. Once inside and under Windoze rule it can be rotated any way you want. Provided your smart enough to make the template. (And I seem to not be)  ;)

Dave your life must not involve much package printing to prefer Noritsu over DLS.

To answer the click question 4 or two clicks and one keystroke. But I'll give you that morning setup and scanner corrections are beyond ridiculous! Incule that in the click count and we just blew it off the map.  ;D

Thanks god I just package digital files. 8)

So Neil you a DLS man?

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Damn Lousy Software  

;D ;D ;D ;D

All I do now is package work so it works well for me.

On the note of what DLS stands for.........

Anyone buy a Digital Enhancement Station? We liked what it did for us but as it was our first experience with computers...... We dubbed it the Digital Disenchantment Station.  ;D

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