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Uniformity problems on 2711


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Hi all,

After reading all of the topics i still have the following problem on my 2711 as per attcahed image. The stripe does not get darker or lighter but move up or down. I Changed the lamp, did a complete mlva setup and the little bugger does not dissapear. Any advice at this stage will help. Also cleaned the lamp and housing.



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The problem is banding it is not a uniformity problem, so MLVA set-up Lamp change etc will not solve this problem.

The problem is a mechanical one, the paper should be advanced at a constant speed while the MLVA exposes, if the paper stops for a fraction of a second banding will occur, basically when the paper stops it causes the print to be exposed in the same place twice, hence the dark lines.

As said in a previous post the levelling of the MP1600 is very critical, if the machine has been moved, this is likely to be the problem.

I have posted some info in the Noritsu- Registered Only section which hopefully will help to find out what is causing the problem.

Post back if you need anything else.

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