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language Japanese to English when it printing


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The only thing I can suggest is to re-install the Noritsu system software CD again.

Make sure the version on the CD is the same as the version loaded on the machine.

No need to uninstall software first, just load on top of existing software it then should update the pricing unit language settings when it loads the software into the PU control PCB.

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I've never actually installed a PU on a 3001 so not fully sure how it works.

When you loaded the software did it upgrade the PU successfully i.e. no abnormal termination errors or displaying not an option?

May be try changing the language settings in Windows.

I take it the language is set to English in the machine specification settings?

It's possiable the problem is the pricing unit itself.

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Change to english

Function -> Manu -> Press F1+ F9 and then input password as follow

2006 Apr 18 : 3548

2006 Apr 19 : 1336

2006 Apr 20 : 6026

After that you will entry to service mode

And then

F -> Manu (The Top one) -> Extension Manu (The buttom one) -> The buttom one --> buttom one (not red color) -> you will see "Japanese" Set language you want.

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