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Noritsu MP1600 sharpness


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I have a noritsu 3311 (great little machine) I recently added a noritsu MP1600 I noticed prints were not as sharp from 1600.(this is the stand alone printer/processor of the 2711) I have done some tests and have found that when printing the same digital image If I load it and print it to a hot folder using my 3311 to be outputted on 1600 it gives me a noticably sharper print, than if I use the stand alone software EZMALL II for the 1600. obviously there are some refinements in the software of the newer 3311 that output a sharper print! I have tried raising sharpness and contrast in stand alone software for mp1600 and this does not help much. Does anyone know of a different software or anyway to increase quality of output in MP1600 in a production setting?

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Sharpness difference is due to different hardware technology, 2711 uses MLVA, 3311 uses laser. The laser is always going to be sharper than the MLVA without even considering the software side of things.

The EZ mall software is not great either so is not going to help the situation.

I know there used to be a Photoshop plug-in available for the 2611 series, this produced a better print compared to EZ mall, but could only print one print at a time.

Not sure if a Photoshop plug-in is available for the 2711.

Not really much you can do on the machine setting side of things, only suggestion I can make is to sharpen in Photoshop (maybe set up an action in Photoshop to do this) before printing with EZ mall.

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A late reply from a new participant...

Why do you think a laser will automatically be sharper than the MLVA?  All other things being equal, sharpness should be a function of resolution: The MLVA head at 400ppi should be sharper than a laser running at 300ppi or even 360ppi.

There are certainly elements that could be "unequal."  If the paper is not firmly against the MLVA head, the ligth from the fiber optic cable will spread -- effectively reducing the resolution.  Similarly, if the laser's optics are not focused perfectly, or the paper is not held at exactly the right point, the laser's light will also spread out, reducing the laser's effective resolution.

When used in the 2711DLS and 2721DLS, the MP1600 can be run either at 250ppi (the default value), or at 400ppi.  There is a noticable difference in the sharpness of text between the two modes, but the difference is hard to see in images.


Ted Dickens

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Your right in saying that if everything is equal, a 400dpi exposure should be sharper than a 300 or 360 dpi exposure, in theory it should be.

But a greater resolution does not automatically mean the image will be sharper, it depends how sharp and how accurate each pixel is exposed onto the paper in the first place, so I suppose the MLVA & laser are not equal as the sharpness and accuracy of the dots (pixels) differ. Basically the laser beam allows better accuracy and a better focus to be achieved. If the MLVA pixels were exposed with the same sharpness and accuracy as the laser, I guess it would be sharper.

So in theory what this means in terms of printing is that if the paper is not exactly flat or position of exposure system is very slightly out (mechanical tolerances) it will affect the printed image sharpness more with an MLVA type exposure than a laser type exposure.

My opinion was based on my experience having worked with both MLVA printers (27 & 29) and laser printers (30, 31, 32, & 33) and seeing the difference on the prints between the two exposure systems.

Look at a MLVA print and a laser print through a lube you

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The reason I say it is not sharper is because it isn't, I have a 3311 laser lab and an MP1600 MLVA head lab running side by side, The MP1600 was installed by Noritsu and all the critical focus tests were done. when you print the same image on both machines and put one image next to the other you can see a noticable difference and you don't need a lupe to see it! If you look at the image printed with the MP1600 it looks good but when you put the image printed with the 3311 next to it, its imediately noticable.

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I have just logged on to this group but have been a member of another for 3 yeras now. we have a mp1600 on dls ver 3 software. there are 2 things you might want to check out. there are 2 versions of the mlva head for the mp1600 a 2 line  and a 4 line. i was always reasonably happy with the system but one time when I had to have a new mlva head we were given a 4 line unit and the is quite a difference. not only are the images sharper but all correction when doing setup go through at least twice a fast. what used to take 3 or 4 passes on uniformity is now done in 1 or 2 at the most.

as to the 250/400 i don't know where the data is on this but i remember the explanation as having nothing to do with the scanner at all and having everything to do with the printer.

tom mooney

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