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2711 uniformity issue


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Hello everyone !

Very good forum, I've been lurking for a while now it's time to post...

We are using a QSS 2711 DLS and are experiencing some uniformity problems :

we used to be able to work for up to 6 weeks without any uniformity setup being re-done. Since a couple months now, the machine seems to be loosing the settings very quickly (we see bad uniformity errors after less than a week). Moreover, it now takes much more passes until we get a good uniformity setup. Any ideas welcome as to where the problem could be, or what to look for .

Many thanks


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Check the paper cutter blades are not covered in paper dust especially on mag A unit, what happens is the paper dust falls down and lands on the MLVA causing the uniformity lines.

Other areas to check are the MLVA lamp house is clean, replace lamp if old.

Also check that all fans on the back of the machine are clean and running.

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One place I found an UGLY amount of paper dust in mine was the slot that the paper guide sits in. (the one that you remove during the MLVA cleaning) A bitch to see and a bigger bitch to clean.

You have to do it while the advance unit is in the up position. With the guide removed too. And a mirror or a small head and a rubber neck will be required. ;D

Contrast of the print looking ok?

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We got purple strips in the dark areas and attributed this to the lamp.  I'm not sure if this is the case.  As the lamp gets weaker the uniformity get harder to do and purplish lines show up in the dark areas (I think this had to do with filament deposits on the inner glass of the lamp casting shadows on the color wheel - if you have a few hours to kill, rotate the lamp 180 degrees and see if it changes after you do many uniformities - be sure to back up your data if you want to put the lamp in the original position)

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