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Monitor Problem on 3001


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Can anyone help us out, our 3001 flipped out on us sunday morning. We came into a blue screen. We had to turn off at the breaker until all the power had gone from the pc. This fix the problem however the colours on the monitor was washed out. ran the monthly setup but couldn't even see the diference between the 2 boxes. Spoke to Noritsu who told us to reinstall the profile info. We did this which improved the situation and allowed us to run a sucessful monthly setup. However now we have a browny tinge to the monitor for example black & whites on screen look a little sepia??? They print fine but the screen shows this sepia tinge?? Anyone????? ??)

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Which monitor is it?

If it's the Eizo type monitor check it is set on Text and that the colour temp is 6500.

There is a button on monitor (think it's marked mode) which if knocked will change the mode from Text to graphics, browser etc.

If settings were wrong, do the monthly setup again on the correct settings.

If the above doesn

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