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does anyone use express digital darkroom?


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I heard it was copy protected with a dongle. Gee their software comes with a dong. LOL

Sorry I couldn't resist. I only talked to them about Labtricity and was not impressed. It seems its' mostly hot folder software. (I already own some) And I'm still waitng for a call back from their tech department to answer a presales question. (2 months now)

After talking to A:people that use the full extent of the website and order placement (with EDD software) And talking to the company that wrote and supports the same package..............I ran like hell.

I think that they play on a convineance level. What I mean is the newbie that doesn't have a plan can get sucked up to this cause they talk a good game. But I don't see it doing ANYTHING that you can't do for yourself cheeper somewhere else.

If someone has a different view please do tell. I have not ran the EDD package so I may be going off half cocked

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