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RA or SM chemistry for 3011?


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I want to purchase a used 3011 lab and I have found 2 up for sale. Which lab would be a better. One uses RA chemistry and the other uses SM chemistry. The SM chemistry machine is a alot cheaper. The 3011 RA lab has a million clicks and the SM machine has around 440,000 clicks? Which to choose?

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Personally I don't like SM chemistry. When it all works then it's OK but there are far to many bits and piece's that can fail then kill your chemistry, the rubber O rings round the probes, the probes them selves, the pack sensors, and on early models the tiny rep pumps, also if it's run with a low volume the CD part C i think oxidizes in the rep line and turns purple this also kills your dev.

As for the million prints this would not concern me as long as the wet section has been looked after well e.g. the bushings on the X overs and turn belts.

It's your call at the end of the day and if the price is right on the SM machine then go for it all the better for it being a QSS3011, better than the 3001 for digital because of the higher speck PC.

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