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I have a customer requiring troubleshooting & repair on their QSF V30.

I need Tank capacities and process times for each bath.

Problem: Using Kodak Chemistry Blue spots on the film(re-bleaching removes the problem) - Bleach crystalizes  more than usual overnight.

Aeration, circulation and fume/air extraction  is in order.

The customer does not have the installation/specs manual at his store.

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Process times                    Tank Sizes

CD 3 min 15 sec                     CD 7.6L

BL 1min 9 sec                         BL 3.1L

FIX 2 min 16 sec (Total)          FIX 5.4L (Total)

STB 2min 2 sec (Total)            STB 5.7L (Total)

It's unlikely the process times will be wrong.

It's likely the Bleach and or FIX solution is exhausted, dump, rinse tanks and mix up fresh, remember to add Bleach starter to the Bleach solution.

The bleach will also crystallise if it's too strong, are you doing the water re-filling at the beginning and end of the day?

Also check tank temperatures with a thermometer BL & Fix should be 38oC

Check the rep system & rep rates are ok

If film throughput is low, increasing the rep rate will help to keep the chemistery in control.

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Hi DaveS

Thanks for the info. It is a V30S by the way.  I checked all components and found the CD circulation pump , where the filter goes to be giving minimal circulation and replaced it with a new one , since it had been "worked on" .

A build up of residue(not crystals )would form on the  CD rack exit rollers Which caused the blue spotting effect/ silver retention  type characteristic. The exit rollers  are solid and not squeegee type causing the soft impression of the residue/precipitation to stay on the film emulsion during crossover into the bleach.

This is my theory for now. We will have to wait a few days to see the result .

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This seems to be a model for the Southern Hemisphere(guessing). I  am in South Africa. I made a visit to a customer with a V30 earlier today and the repl filling is on the LH side compared to RH side of the V30S. and the V30S does not have water replenishment/top up as an option.

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I'm not sure what a V30S is? The sport model!

Do you mean SM? (uses the replenisher boxes, no rep tanks)

If it is a QSF V30S then the 'S' signifies it was produced from a factory in Shanghai not the Noritsu Koki Factory in Wakayama Japan.

There can be some small differences between a V30 and a V30S but I don't know what having never seen a V30S.


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I never new there were different versions of the V30, never seen one here in the U.K. The V30S looks like a reduced cost version of the V30, as you say no water refilling, and rep tanks on the other side.

I guessing the rest of it is the same as a V30.

Regarding poor circulation of the CD, have you removed and cleaned the sparge pipe, located inside the CD tank (fixed with 1 screw)?

The holes get blocked up with bits of film, worth a check anyway.

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