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paraelle line shown at 3001 output


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Dear All,

I am new in this forum, just search from the internet and found this good site, hope all brothers can help me ~

On my 3001, there are some paraelle lines shown on all prints at the afternoon.

I use 102mm paper to perform the daily setup. When I do the daily setup at the **morning time**, everything seems to be normal.

However, when I do the emulsion number change or daily setup at the evening time, there is some dim line paraelle to the 102 side, (same direction as the grep pattern), as like as inkjet printer empty one color of ink.

Then I do the weekly setup, I didn't notice very much the yellow channel and cyan channel, however, those dim lines are found at the magenta channel.

I have clearn the laser room all cooling fans and vaccum all dust. Laser temp is 32 degree, but still cannot solve the problem.

Could any brothers tell me what's going on ? Laser problem ? need $$$ ??

Many thanks ~


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Hi Baboo

The problem sounds like banding (paper stopping for a fraction of a second while being exposed) Check the reverse unit arms are all ok, clean the rollers etc.

Also check the focal plain guide is ok and not damaged, (try printing without it to see if problem goes) clean the rollers on the laser advance unit (use cleaning sheet) other cause could be a frayed laser advance unit drive belt. The belt is on the back of the unit but very difficult to see easily.

Maybe you can scan in the print, as it

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Then I do the weekly setup, I didn't notice very much the yellow channel and cyan channel, however, those dim lines are found at the magenta channel.


Just a quick thought with you saying it only seems to show on the Magenta band of the weekly set up it could be something to do with the Green laser or control of the green laser. I have seen many problems that show like this.

As your machine has an engine that uses individual Red, Green and Blue lasers it is possible for a mark to be shown on either Yellow, Magenta or Cyan to be caused by a single laser, with your problem showing on the Magenta band this would be the Green laser, but it could also be the Green AOM or the Green Laser Driver board. The AOM's can be affected by temp or just deteriorate.

First you should switch off at the breaker then If you lift the lid from the laser cabinet (2x3mm Allen bolts recessed near the keyboard) you can then lift this section up and you will find a stand located on the left hand side. In front of you there will be a large metal plate with three boards on it the large one at the back is the laser I/O PCB then in front there will be two identical boards with a coloured sticker next to them, these are the Blue and Green driver's. Then to the left of this you have three silver boxes, these are the AOM's one for each colour signified by a coloured band round the BNC connector's at the bottom of each unit.

The first thing to do would be to disconnect then reconnect all the cables round the I/O PCB and the driver boards then re try the system as it can sometimes be caused by a bad connection, if this is no good then you could swap the Green and Blue AOM's and try again. If this is still no good then you could swap the Blue and Green driver boards to see if this changes the problem (there may be a small PCB mounted between the two driver PCB's this controls the laser heater if fitted make sure to keep this connected if it is there) If none of this works then it could be the actual Green laser at fault that can only mean one thing.... New Laser  :'(

But and this is a big BUT I do not recommend you try this unless you know what you are doing as you could just end up braking something and I take no responsibility for any action you may take, this is simply information not instruction.

On the other hand it could just be banding as suggested by Dave S, it would be useful to post a scan of the weekly set up.


P.S if you are going to handle PCB's you should be wearing an anti static wrist strap so as not to kill the board when you touch it.  ;)

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Thanks all of you ~

My 3001 resumed to normal after cleaning all cooling fans at the back cover under the laser unit.  It's very very dirty that causing the cooling fan malfunction.

Just share with us, cleaning all air filter, water filter and cooling fan is so important !!


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