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Need Advice on 34 series


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Okay guys i gave up on my 2711 since another friend of mine in Johannesburg is getting the same problems and this guy is virtually right next to Kodak. His machine has been down now for 2 weeks...

I'm looking at the new 34 series machines from Kodak. Can anybody give me some feedback on the machines if possible. Also we are running a very high print count every day with a lot of clients from nearby towns. I would like for the clients to order their own stuff ex print quantities etc cause when it get busy you know what staff is like. I took the QSS Kids, Noritsu hot folder, D storage and the template creater with the machine. I also had a look at ZBE Workstream software. This is a totally new area for me so if anybody could offer some advice etc i would app it.

Internet or FTP is not a option at this stage which i wont go into now. I have 5 Kodak Kiosks and that works fine (Btw has anybody figured out how to add your own templates to the kiosks) I would like for my clients that lives in other towns to edit their own stuff, burn it to cd or dvd and when it arrives at us just pop it and and the prints go through and i courier it back to the client. Also i would like a dedicated standalone pc for proffesional clients to do some minor editing on say a slide film that we scanned and then again select print quantity and size and send it through to the printer. We also do a lot of school packages where i have set up a 8x14 inch template with 2 jumbos and a bookmark etc bit with a class photo on the template as well. At the moment we have to generate every template with the class photo on and then just add the individual photos. Keeping that in mind that the new software must also be able to perform that function.

Any futher questions or comments welcome


Gerrit Louw

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NOt quite too sure why you would get the Kodak DLS versin of the 34 AND run workstream.  Workstream uses Hot folder for submission.  We use Workstream for our workflow, and submit via hot folder.  I had a custom application written for us for our hot folder needs.  

So to be clear, are you going to set up your clients with Workstream DS?  If so, you will still need to import those orders, that come over FTP, and render them out using workstream.  A FTP server is required for use of Workstream DS and IA for order submission.  

Let me know what your intentions are since I am familar with Workstream, hotfolders and QSS.

You have a lot going on in this post, so lets break things down a little.

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Lol ok here goes.

I'm not getting the DLS version. Apperantly Kodak does not supply software for the noritsu machines anymore so it is the Noritsu version.

1) Do i need QSS Kids, D Storage, Noritsu hotfolder etc. I do not wanna buy exstra software if i'm not gonna use it. Kodak cannot supply me with any additional information.

2) As i said i have a lot of clients from different towns that sends in work. What they do at the moment is dump all their files on a cd and then have a seperate list with the instructions ex number DSC001 i want 1 jumbo and 1 sepia print. DSC0002 i want 1 6x9 and 1 jumbo sepia. I think you can see where this is going. It takes me forever to process the orders and mistakes do slip in so i would like to sort that problem out hence Workstream. I would like to provide my clients with workstream DS so that they can do all the editing and post processing and quantity selection themselves.

3) FTP is not a option at this stage nor any internet related harvesting etc. ADSL is going for about $100 a month plus $60 for for telecom with a 3gig hardcap. And there is no way around it.

4) We do a lot of reorders so that is why i looked at the d storage option. I have set up a nice file server with 800 gig in a RAID. This is to save time.

So what is all boils down to is that i would like to get my work out faster with minimum errors and at the moment i'm losing the paper war. So i would like to do things right from the beginning if possible.

Hope that helps a bit.



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Why not talk to Noritsu directly, and if possible take advantage of PMA?

1)In my opinion and from what we purchased for a similar worflow, you do not need Kids.  You will need Noritsu Hot Folder to work with Workstream, this is required.  D-storage is your choice.  If you have an existing network with file server I wouldn't go with it.  You are limited in size and it automatically purges old jobs.

2)Understandable.  So you customers will bring in a disk burned with ZBE order information and images?  THis can be done in DS, the customer will create the order and export as a ZIP file.  Burn it to a cd and then bring it in to you.  You will then manually import the order into IA.

Workstream works well, just make sure you have a good workstation for IA and an even better workstation for RE ( rendering engine) We use dual processor intel xeon machines with 4gb of ram and raid system drives)  A gigabit network in place will help as well.

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i think in your case, 3412 (with 2400page/hr.) or 3411 is suitable for you. If you are running on high print count for "digital only", QSS34 PRO is you another choice.  cause QSS34 PRO without film scanner, it near the central network printer connect with multi-QSS-Kids, hot folder, Printer Driver...

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