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markm on the neg


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Is the mark a physical scratch that prints blue?  Is there a pattern to the blue marks?  Does it look like a sharp object stuttered, as it was drug down the film? The reason I ask is that when you mentioned that the problem occurs after the machine has sat for 20 min. a bell went off in my head.   I have seen fixer crystals form in that amount of time that can mark the film in a pattern that looks like an ice pick was run down the film. The solution I found was to rinse down the rollers on the fixer rack and crossover if the machine sat for more then 15 min. and to run a leader card (w/o film attached) before running actual film.  Noritsu did a mod on the fixer crossovers years ago that changed the plastic concave rollers to flat hard rollers.  The idea was to make the rollers where crystal build-up occurred to be self-cleaning as the leader card passed through.  The mod worked a little but I still had to rinse the rollers and run the blank card.

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Thanks for the many replys the rep got back to us 2 days ago and reckoned it was the fix and crystals building up so i replaced the fix and the problem has gone away.His thoughts are that the lack of films going though are a cause of the problem and changing the fix every 3 to 4 monthes may have to be done.

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