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QSS-3101 - Photo holder arm not dropping down


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When the arm is supposed to drop down when a new order comes out, it doesn't always do so. It moves down, but the top-most arm doesn't always drop. Thus leaving a huge gap between it and the next arm. This results in pictures spilling/spitting out and landing all over the floor.

Rarely, the arm only comes down halfway so it's on a slant. Orders mix into each other and begin dumping onto the floor.

Noritsu's "fix" for this was to tape a piece of cardboard to the outside plastic of the arm. However, it doesn't work all the time and it still causes prints to dump onto the floor.

What would be the cause of this and how can we go about fixing it?

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Do you happen to know how to remove the outter cover? I didn't get a chance to take a good look at it today. Does it just pull off or does it require unscrewing and disassembling the machine?

We have a preventative maintenance and service contract with Noritsu and I don't want to go taking apart the machine if it's difficult.

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