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Need software updates for QSS-3101 Digital


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We're currently running Main software version E003. Profile data is version 5.50.

Any better versions out there? Can provide place to upload the updates to if possible.

Anyone know what gets fixed in later versions?

The last time I asked a tech if there was any new updates for the machine he asked me and I quote, "What do you want it to do? Sing and dance?".

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Well, I asked Noritsu again for the F001 update. I was told they stopped doing software updates because there's too many different kinds of machines now for them to keep track.

They will only load an update if there is an issue you're having that is fixed in the update. They said that loading the updates can cause more bugs and they don't like to do it unless they absolutely have to do so.

Soooo... can anyone share some info on how I can get the Profile and main software update for the machine?

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