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Noritsu Profiles

Mr Noritsu

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Well, I think I have finally found a profile for our 3001 that I can use in Photoshop. I was able to find it after reading the pages on printer profile in the training software.

Now I'll take the file home and try it on my home computer to see how it works.

Why oh why is it so hard to get this information through the normal channels, especially when it is available in this type of resource.

And why oh why is thistype of resource so hard to find, locate and get hold of!!!!!!!

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Ah, now that one is easy. Print half a dozen digital images on the 3001 (at NO correction) then print them on the 9600.

(Set the Epson to sheet feed or you'll spend a fortune on paper.)

Then match the 9600 to the 3001 either using the RIP or the slider controls in the printer driver.

If you are trying to color manage any lab containing a Noritsu printer then you are best starting fron the Noritsu produced print and using this as your fixed point. You then match the Noritsu screen to this print (using the Noritsu software) and everything else in the lab then matches this.
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I think Peter's idea may be the way to go.

We run photoshop 7 on our 3001 and it works great. When I open an image and go to soft proof it, there is a profile listed caled something like pc1022.nkp, which I know from my newly acquired training software is the most recent updated profile on the Noritsu.

So I copied that file into the appropriate directory on our workstation that we use for odd jobs, and it does not show up in the list of profiles in photoshop.

And what is even more confusing is that the profile that does show in photoshop on the 3001 is actually in some obscure noritsu folder, and not in windows which is where photoshop is supposed to look for profiles

I don't get it!!!

Its time to go and get totally pi**ed and have a new year celebration - so to everyone silly enough to be looking at this list on new years eve, have a very happy and safe new year, and all the best for 2006

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Instead of useing dry creek why not try me for custom profiles for photoshop?

I have all the kit and will give you past referances if you want. I will send you the files and talk you through  all the options, I will do you one and a second one in 3 months for free (my experiance tells me that because of seasonal changes in the wet process it is worth having an new profile when the chemical process changes when the season gets going - changes in contrast affect this the most)

I can also do you  inkjet paper profiles for photoshop although these are rgb and are not suitable for a rip.

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We use sRGB to print to our 2901 and find its accurate enough. We use the Epson profiles downloaded from their website for the 7600, again this is accurate enough and prints from the 2901 and 7600 match (as well as matching our monitor). We also have a profile that Dry Creek made which is more accurate for the 2901. We also have our monitor profiled using the Colorvison Spyder.

Microsoft have just released a useful utility for colour profiles.


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