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Parts that need changed for 3101


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I'm looking for a list of parts, sort of like a quick reference sheet, of things that need replaced/changed on the 3101. Basically, things like filters, CVP ribbon, lamps, etc, with their order numbers and how often they need changed.

Also, I checked thru the parts manual for the 3101 and found the replacement filters for the tanks for the CD, but did not find the filters for the STB. The STB are the ones that look like they're made of yarn. Does anyone have the part number for these? If it's in the manual, where should I look? It wasn't on the same page with the other filters.

Thanks in advance!

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Not all such spares are that much more expensive from Noritsu. To be honest I try to purchase through Noritsu wherever possible. If they were ever to pack up then I'd be completely f%$&d.

I hasten to add that I have absolutely no reason to suppose that they have any problems (knowing how you lot like a good rumour) but they cannot be immune from the problems of the industry.

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