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Control strips - to freeze or not freeze


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We use Kodak control strips C41 for our V50 and Kodak RA4 control strips for our 3101. We were always under the impression that they needed to be kept in the freezer. (Actually the V50 strips now say do not freeze on them, but we had been doing so anyway with no issues).

Someone misplaced our strips and we didn't have them for 4 days. They sat out in a cupboard with no ventilation. I ran them through both machines and both strips came out okay with no issues detected by Fuji Oasis software.

So my question is, should we even bother keeping them in the freezer? We were convinced they were ruined, but it appears that's not the case. Unless of course it takes longer than 4 days at room temperature to ruin them?

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i am not a chemist expert but i was thought that control strips should be keept in a cool place , lower part of a fridge , packed well in double bags and when one needs to use it , it should be taken out of the fridge  overnight so that no condesation will occur.

note the fridge is to provide a cool air inwhich case the chemistry on the teststip  would be under control.. stabilzed as much as possible since all strips are exposed to light ,insuch case the reaction would be hinderd

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The freezing of control strips is really for long term storage. For everyday use, keep them in a cool place (fridge) we load up ours the night before so that they are at room temperature.

A lot of this stems back many years back, where even regular photographic paper used to have to be stored in a refrigerated area. But as we know time moves on and paper can now be stored at room temperature.

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Kodak originally insisted that C41 control strips should be stored below 0 degrees C (freezing)

The last batch we got indicated that the should be kept cold, below 10C if my memory serves me correctly.

I believe RA4 still need to be kept at freezing.

In the real world, it seems that it makes little difference if they get warm sometimes, but we still keep ours in the fridge right under the freezer.

Its all about reducing variability when you are trying to fix a process problem

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