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3101 needing to confirm every frame position


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Our machine has started to stop on every frame of every negative we place through it, asking us to line up the frames -- even when the whole negative strip is lined up perfectly by the computer. Normally it lines them all up itself and we never see that screen.

Is this an indication of a bulb going bad? If not, what would it be?

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Neg alignment is detected by the scanner on the 3101, there is no frame sensor in the AFC.

So the cause could be the lamp, but is more likely to be due to poor film process control.

Does the film base have a milky appearance to it? If so dump the fix tank solution in your film processor.

Also check STB condition if very dirty, also dump & mix fresh solution.

If the films are miky (not properly  fixed) you can re- fix them by putting them through the fix then stb process again (attach film to a leader card, remove crossover and feed into 1st fix rack, put dryer onto always on mode).

To confirm, try printing an old order, if ok chemistry is the problem, if not replace lamp and try again.

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the sensors in the AFC may need calibration --open the afc up & clean the sensors with a blower brush and damp barely moist q tip--NO ALCOHOL!!! Just clean water and the qtip head squeezed of excess. Then in the maintenance menu there is a subheading for AFC scanner adjustment--led light intensity calibration if memory serves me right. If it loses pulse counts as the sprockets clip by then it questions itself if they are aligned. Also.. on the upper sensor bank it was common for the FFC (flat flexible cable) to pop out of the receiving sensor block.

Call the Calif Hotline if you need specific help

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