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speeding up a 3101


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I am interested in getting feedback from anyone who has sped up the 3101, this machine has impresive specs for prints from negs, (2000+) but specs for printing from digital files drops to 1000 prints (2mb)I am assuming this due to older processor.  I would like to here if anyone has attempted to speed up the procesor/ram configuration and the net effect of such a speed up. I am contemplating whether to buy 3201 0r 3101, 3201 newer machine but if image processing speed can be increased in 3101 it would have close to twice the output capability of 3201.

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There was a speed up kit available for the 3101 it was basically a new very high spec PC in place of the standard low spec P111 1Ghz PC.

I think they called it either 3111 or a 3101-1.

I think this would be quicker than a 3201, however the 32 series is newer technology and you can upgrade your 3201 to a 3202 or 3203 at a later date if you need more speed.


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I've heard about a semi official upgrade to the 3001, which invilves changing the motherboard. Apparently it speeds up the time taken to get the image on screen but doesn't affect anything after that (when I think the image processing board takjes over)

I'm very tempted as its this delay that takes all the time, especially with the modern breed of high res cameras. When the 3001 was designed I don't suppose even the Japenese expected Argos to be selling 5 megapixel cameras for

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is this laser warmup a common thing, my 3311 has no delays its always ready to print, is this laser warmup a common thing on a 3101 after periods of inactivity and usually how long does it take to warm up? also Noritsu US has a taboo against working on machines they did not import to the US themselves, out of curiosity does anyone know of any Independant Competent Noritsu service techs, up to date on newer digital labs here in the US.

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Going back to H002 is not a viable option as J002 changed all our network settings on the 3001 and I do not want to go through the grief again if we go back to the old settings. Coupled to this is that Kodak do not know what will happen if we go back to the old version.

We have still only received selective information on what J002 does. We were told they could not give us a copy of the changes as ir was not authorised to be given out!!!!!!

They also do not know whay happens to the profiles if we go back.

Needless to say, the next time there is an upgrade, we will be insisting on info about the changes before the upgrade is done.

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