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Thrown into the mix - urgent help needed


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How do I go about performing weekly/monthly maintenance on the 3101 machine? Also, need help with the developer - it's the V50. The 3101 is RA4 chemistry and the V50 is the standard C41 processing.

On the 3101, I can do the daily startup/weekly startup from within the software, am able to clear paper jams, know the air filters need to be cleaned, and know how to clean the laser.

As far as chemical changing and the filters for the tanks on the 3101 and the V50, I am at a loss. I don't really have anyone to show me how to perform the needed maintenance. Can anyone help me with a cheat sheet or can refer me to one of the manuals that describes what needs to be done, in addition to the amount of chemicals that need mixed when dumping and replacing, as well as how to do the starter/startup chemicals. We use Fuji chemicals for both machines -- the V50 was fitted with special adapters that have flip top lids for the Fuji chemicals.

We have a whole cupboard full of manuals from Noritsu that have an inch of dust on them. A helpful nudge in the right direction as to which manuals I should persue as well as any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million!

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The operators guide above should give you all you need on how to do the jobs.

We wash all our filters under cold water every 14 days or so, and when they start to look dirty, we junk them and replace. We find our filters last about 4 months on average before needing replacement, but that will depend on your water quality etc.

As for dumping the chemistry, we do the stabiliser on the C41 (running Kodak chemistry) every 3 months, and the rest when they look like they need it! I think I dumped the fixer once in 2 years, have never touched the bleach, and do not remember dumping the developer.

On our 3001 we are running SM chemisrty, without any problems, and the only solution I dump is the stabiliser which I do every siz months or so.

Hope this helps.


This manual will give you even more info on the maintenance, buut to be totally honest, we have found our 3001 to be a dream to look after. Far easier than our old 2301, and not as hard on bearings and rollers as the 2301 was.

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the specifications list in your manual should give you tank capacities, the chemistry manufacurer should have a website that lists technical data on mixing a working tank solution. once you have tank capacities and these ratios its just doing the math. As far as maintanence is concerned, only maintanence needed is daily cleaning of your crossover racks, I leave mine soaking in water overnight, change developer filter every 3 months and all other filters every 6 months. Spray down daily at shutdown  with water any chemical residue on top racks(below crossovers)and when you change developer filter (every three months) also drain stabilizer and wash racks, clean and mix fresh tank solutionfor just these tanks, this is fairly easy. then most important! monitor you machine, run control strips daily as this is an indicator if all is well. I have been doing it this way for over 15 years with no problems and my control strps track nice and true without deviations. I average about 50 to 75 rolls a day if your volume is higher you may need to change filters more often.

There is no need to change tank solutions on developer, bleach and fix unless you have problems with process.

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