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Martin Floyd

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hi martin,

We have had our 3300 for about 1 month now. Going really well so far. the design of the machine is fantastic, easy to access every part, just in case of a paper jam, which we have had yet. We upgraded from a 2511 so any new lab would be a great improvement.

Only only concern is maybe it wont be fast enough (750 prints an hour) maybe have a look at the next model up (1000 prints an hour), but they are all the same design and run the same software.

any spefic q's u have?

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Can u give me aprox speed of printing 50 images from a 6mp camera set on high setting, say the Olympus MJU 600.

We are upgradibg from a 2611 and have been surviving the digital with a kiosk but it now to much and cant be competative any more.

It has to be a great improvent, did you go for a CT2 md if so how do your customers get on with it?

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We've had a 3300SM for 5 months.  Some major teething problems that have put us out of action from time to time, like paper deck slippage, banding onthe prints, monitor dying (still waiting for that replacement and putting up with a crappy 200 year old Phillips).  Sensor fault sometimes when we run out of paper and have to push some paper into the deck rollers to fool it to clear the error.  On yer knees stuff and not an easy area to reach into.  Has problems with uneven usage of P1 and P2 and errors in chemicals when there are none.  Bodywork a bit shoddy, in that top cover doesn't fit that neatly - sometimes wonder if we were given a demo model.  Latest is bent pins in the compact flash compartment-but that one is user error I think.  Overzealous junior (if it doesn't fit, kick it in!!!)  It's a bit on the slow side.  Slower than our old 2611 but then print specifications higher on the 2611.  Still,  meets our print needs.  Same machine setup as the 2611-just made digital.  Print quality good.    Doesn't accept XD cards as standard-bit of a bite against Fuji maybe  ::).  Love the neg to disc and card to disc burning capacity.  Have been told we can't put Photoshop on but from reading this site, seems that is a possibility.  Only a big computer after all!  Frame and calender software a bit hohum and would love to explore other possibilities but have again been told no.  Might have to wait until the machine is out of warranty before adding any extras.  All up...if I had to do it again, I'd be investigating other models, other manufacturers.  

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I have had a Noritsu 3311 for about 9 months now. It is fantastic, handles film and digital effortlessly, tremendous quality, fantastic reliability, (have not been down even once since I installed it) I have it networked to an image processing computer in the back where I do corrections in photoshop, as well as using Express darkroom digital to process my studio images, plus I have 2 Lucidiom Kiosks for the customers in front. It handles image files fast! and quality is tremendous, I have been in the business over 20 years, and I must truly say that this is the best Minilab I have ever owned!

Elias Marrero





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We run photoshop on our 3001 and have no problems at all. The staff have been threatened that if I see any major photoshop work being done on the lab, when there is work to print, they are in deep doo doo.

Having said that, photoshop on the machine can be a blessing to fix little scratches and marks on negs or slides.

We were also "warned" about installing it, but as there is actually an option on the 3001 to run photoshop, we decided to go with it.

We are only running version 7.01 on the 3001, and it is all that we need

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