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Burn marks on 2901 MLVA lamp

Dave S

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Has anyone experienced the MLVA lamp being burnt inside sort of orange/ brown mark?

I checked the cooling fans all were working correctly, no problems.

I then noticed the large cooling fan was sucking the air in while the small fan was blowing the air out! I turned the large fan around as this made more sense as it would now suck air through the filter and out the other side.

Lamps seem to be less burnt now.

Check it out on your machine.

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The discoloration on the glass of the lamp is due to some of the filament breaking off and vaporizing then condensing on the glass. According to my noritsu tech, this is normal and should not affect performance.  I tend to replace the lamp when this happens because it messes up my uniformity on the 2701.

Rotating the bulb 180 degrees periodically helps.


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Just a few thoughts from a newbie re lamps and paper curl on the 2901

As suggested by other posts, the lamp discolouration is by the lamp aging and is quite normal. We change our lamps every 1200 hours and have no problem. We had a program written and installed on the machine which calcs the number of hours the machine is in operation and warns you when the 1200 hours is up. Noritsu say 900 hours but they are selling more lamps that way. Better to change the MLVA lamp when it suits you rather than it letting go when your busy.

The paper curl is associated with the "memory" of the paper and the thickness of the paper. When it is rolled up and is a thicker paper you will get a lot of curl especially near the end of the roll. Heat of the dryer has something to do with it but that can't be adjusted below 50C on the 2901. The techies can't even calibrate the dyer temp!

Have had minimal curl with Kodak Endura cause its thinner and maximum curl with Fuji CA70/80 cause it's thicker. Also the age of the paper has something to do with it, I suppose because its been rolled up longer. :-/

Hope this helps


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