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Machine down for B/O Part


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Our Noritsu 3311 is maintained by Kodak, we begin to get a green streak through prints that were very dark and this seemed to be when the green tint appeared.  Most prints with good contrast are fine and do not have the green stripe.  Kodak says we need a light sensor that is backordered until 11-15-2005  That means the we will be down for 24 days with lost revenue of about $25,000.00.  I can not believe that this light sensor cannot be overnighted from Japan.  Here are my questions:

1) Does any one know where to get this light sensor quickly.

2) Are we with the wrong Company for Maintenance?

If anyone knows of a better company  to maintain our equipment please let us know.  $25K is a terrible price to pay for choosing the wrong company to do our repairs.

Everett Gibson


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Where are you located at?  Did you sign a Maintenance agreement with Kodak?  We have many lost revenue situations because of slow response to critical down situations where we are telling customers that we are down and if they want 1 Hour they must go else where.

Our backordered part came in today and they (Kodak) installed it thus fixing our down situation but their complete disregard for lost revenue is a constant thorn in the side.  We called Rochester and yelled loud enough that they put the bums rush on it.  So instead of the November 15th date for arrival they must have overnighted it from Japan.

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everett,  I can't get into to much detail with our situation.  Kodak owns the machine we have, but the service contract is with Noritsu.  When the machine goes down we call our local local Noritsu Tech. who is 15 minutes away.  If the service contract is up to date (payment wise), Noritsu comes to save us.  There have been many occasions where Noritsu could not come out because of payment issues so Kodak sends out their own Tech.  They walk in the door, look at the machine and say, "I don't know how to fix this!"  Last month we were down for a week while Noritsu and Kodak fought out their differences.  I am in a market where the only other digital machines are at two WalMarts and one Target, 10 mile radius.  Company C is stuck in a lousy situation where they need company A to fix a machine company B let get neglected for a long time maitenance wise.  As for the product they supply us with, 25% or more of the chemicals doesn't get used because they come in the door with labels missing.  I'm sure we are not the only ones with service issues.  What puzzles me is why a multi-billion dollar corporation would put up with this garbage.

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