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3311 Noritsu overheating


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Our noritsu 3311 overheats, is this a common problem?  We have a temperture sensing device and the machine shuts down @ 96 degrees F and won't come back for 30 minutes.  We have vented more a/c nearby but have only slowed it down, instead of shutting down 2 times a day it will go 2 days without shutting off.  

Everett Gibson

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The official operating temp for Noritsu machines is 18 to 30 degrees C or 64 to 86 degrees F

Your reported temp of 96 degrees F or 36 degrees C is well beyond this limit.

As asked by Dave S, are there any alarms or attention messages shown ?

What part of the machine is over heating.

In any case if the machine did not shut down you would have a lot of trouble keeping stable colours with the unit this far out of specification.

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What is overheating, is it the chemistry, the laser etc, etc?

Are there any error messages?

If no errors what happens when the machine overheats?

Outside temp = 79-84 F, Machine starts running very slow like a minute to respond after touching screen, this is our notice that it will shut down shortly.  Next the Screen goes blank and everything is locked, at this point we just shut it down for 30 minutes.  When we come back up all our files are there just a 30 minute time out.

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It could be the internal PC is overheating, check that the processor cooling fan is working properly and is not clogged with dust.

The other cause could be the image processing PCB getting to hot, again check all fans are running properly, and that air filters are clean.

It does sound like your running the machine at the maximum permissible temperature. You say the outside temp is 79-84F, what

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Dave S.

We installed air conditioning Duct that blows behind the 3311.  This brought the operating temp down and we have not failed since. So you were on track to think that we need to lower the temperature around the machine.  We went one better and blow air behind the unit and have solved that shut-down problem


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