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Line distortion on the prints


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Can you describe the fault in more detail?  You say a "burn", does it look like severe fogging?  Could it be one or more shutters stuck open?

Do you see it on the uniformity and set-up prints, if so do you see it on all densities?  Do you see it on all papers, all prints or just on one track?  I assume it must be in the direction that the paper moves through the print head.

Did it appear suddenly or has it been getting worse over time?

Have you tried changing the lamp and cleaning the lamphouse?  Have you done an MLVA set up?

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Hi again

I still can't visualise your problem.  We have had a 2711 for almost five years and I have never seen an MLVA problem that gives a bigger "spot" on larger prints than smaller ones.  If it is an MLVA or light source problem the fault should be the same size no matter what the print size.  It is possible that it is a paper tracking problem, if so the lines would go across the print rather than down it.

Have you considered that it may be a scanner problem?  Does it appear on your daily set-up or on prints from digital sources, or just on prints from scanned negs?

I am sorry I am not being much help but it sounds as though you have a problem that I have not seen.

Have you heard of the "Bestphotolist"?  Quite a few of it's members have owned 2711's or 2721's and many of them know a lot more than I do about 27 problems.

If you want to ask for help from them, contact Bob@bestphotolab.com and he will tell you how to join.  You will have to describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

Good luck

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