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Writing CD's on 3001


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I am currently operating a digital lab with the Noritsu QSS-3001. We find the machine to be fantastic in all respects and it meets our needs just fine, however.....

When it comes to writing CD's, we find that it can really hold up our workflow in having to stop printing for sometimes quite long periods of time due to orders sometimes exceeding several hundred images! This is a very popular service, but it is frustrating to the customers when we have to tell them the wait will be longer due to a large print run, and vice versa to customers wanting instant prints off the 3001 when a large write to cd order is halfway through. For most customers the auto correction is not necessary, and therefore the scanning of each image through the Judgement Display is not necessary. I was wondering if there is any way around this? Maybe someway to directly write the images to a CD, or maybe write the order in another window and simultaneously print at the same time. The issue's with that being

a) could the 3001 cope with writing/printing at the same time? and;

B) how would the kodak picture cd's work with this?

There are time's when one of our Kodak Order Stations are free to write a cd but this is not viable during the busy periods as they are usually all engaged by customers.

Any suggestions on this would me much appreciated.

Many Thanks!


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Due to the nature of the 3001, and in particular, the Image Processing PCB Board, there is no way you can write to an external CD writer.

The only option is to set the path for images burned to the hard drive to a networked computer, and then burn the CD's on another computer, but it does not make a lot of difference in speed, plus you need someone to burn the CD's on that other computer.

I doubt Kodak picture CD's would make any difference in burning time, but as we have not, and do not intend offering them, I guess I'll never know.

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Don't apologise for proving me wrong!!!!!

What I love about lists like this is how you get information that the distributors don't know about!

I will follow up with noritsu in Oz on those part numbers and see what hapens. I have been consistently told that there was no external option for the 3001, so now I am on a mission!!

Wish me luck

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