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Noritsu 3001 Software H001

Mr Noritsu

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Ok so does anybody know yet whats new in this software? Apparently in the help file there is a 'what's new' section? Perhaps Mr Noritsu could have a look for us. I sent an email to norisu tech support and they're trying to find out for me.

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Always been a bit of a mystery to why when a new version of software is released, we do not get a change log, so we have some idea on what is new, or what has been improved.

I think that all of us have been in the same boat, where you get the upgrade, then its a case of click along to find anything new :)

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Have just seen/heard a rumor that H002 is just around the corner. Hope I'm wrong as we are still trying to digest all of H001.

So far no one at kodak knows anything about 4 base and 16 base scans to Pcture CD.

Also, have not been able to get any info on the option CD's to put print date on the back of prints, and the other that seems to allow email res and 4 base res images to be scanned to CD at the same time.

Has anyone anywhere else got anything on these?

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