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2901 software


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We've had new software installed onto our 2901 by Noritsu. This has slowed down all work, in particular writing CD's.  Noritsu claim that the softawre is OK.  What I now have is a machine that is not producing the volume of work as It did when purchased.  Anyone else having this problem?  Noritsu will not re-install the old software as they claim it will not be supported

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Hi John,

We had problems with the "G" software, and had to put our 2901 back to "F" which we are now running.

Its a pain in the ass, when software is sent out, and it screws things up. I doubt very much that any mini-lab manufacture understands the stress we are faced with when equipment is either down, or not working as we would expect.

A couple of ideas for you.. First, make sure that the fibre optic connections to the back of your main PC are clean, you may need to remove them, and use some canned air.

Also, and I only found this out in recent times, is that the main PC that drives the 2901, now has (I understand) 4 versions.. and it sounds to me, like you may have one of the first generation PC's.

I understand that the cost of a new PC is

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