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QSS 3101 - Backprint correction values


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How do I get the correction values to print on the back of a digital print that came over from a CT1? I am able to edit the CVP1/2 lines in the order info file to include our lab name but am unable to tell it to print correction values (CMY D) as if it were coming from a negative.

Any suggestions?

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We aren't using a CT1 but our whitech prints have all the backprint we have selected.

Are you printing the CT1 files on your normal printing channels, or are they on different channels.

If they are on different channels, have you checked that CVP is turned on in the print channel setup screen.

The only other thing I could think of is a setting in the CT software which needs to be turned "on"

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We have Lucidiom Kiosks and they write the info file in the same format as the CT-1. So we choose the CT-1 icon on the QSS and select the folder - just like an order from the CT1.

The Lucidiom setup wizard lets you pick what you want on the backprint. But there's no options to tell it to put the correction values on the back. I was thinking perhaps the CT-1 put some kinda code (corr val) in the info file that told the QSS to print the info on the back? Or is the CT not involved at all with correction values since the QSS is what does the corrections?

Yes, we use the same print channels for the digital and the 35mm.

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The correction values are printed by the QSS not the CT-1, normally there are 2 lines on the backprint

1st line is CT name then the file name.

2nd line is normally the Y,M,C, D contrast etc.

Check the C.V.P settings in operator selection on the QSS-3101.

Other cause may be that you are telling it to print to much info from the kiosk, so the information is moving to the second line & overwriting the correction information.

Is the backprint information all ok when printing a digital file directely from the QSS?

If it is, the problem is with the Lucidiom kiosk.

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I checked the settings in on the 3101... it's turned on.

At first the Lucidiom kiosks were only printing one line of text and the correction values were not being added by the QSS on the 2nd line. So, I added some more text on the second line via the kiosks.

Is there another option on the 3101 I should be looking for? If so, what is it specifically called?

Yes, backprint is fine if we print digital pictures directly from the 3101 by opening the files directly. However, opening an order via the CT-1 icon does NOT but the corrections on the back of the prints. This makes it extremely difficult to reproduce any corrections made to a print when a customer wants reprints. It's basically a guessing game.

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It really does sound like the Lucidiom kiosk is stopping the QSS from printing the corrections on the back of the print.

What happens if you try printing from the kiosk using the HDD icon instead of the CT icon? (the print quantities will stay on 1 even though customer may have selected 4 when QSS is set on HDD icon)

Other thing you can try is printing a file from the QSS using the CT icon (not from the kiosk)

Check the C.V.P settings in operator selections.

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