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qss 3300 or 3000


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 After a lot of thinking about buying a minilab i thought to go for qss 3300.So

yesterday i call Noritsu to ask for it's price.The price was 57000 euros.They also told me that they aswell have demo qss 3000-3001 labs for 35000-40000 euros.Now i'm thinking about buying a qss 3000 mostly about the price of it.Does anyone have worked with both labs?I know that the 3300 has a better prints/hour performance and some other stuff but for picture quality i think they are identical.So i don't see why to spend the extra 22000 euros for the 3300.Mostly i'm gonna use the lab for printing wedding photos taken probably with an 8mp. camera.Is qss 3000 to slow for that job?

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Hi Basil

We recently bought a used 3001 from Noritsu to print primarily our own Wedding work. Speed is fine I use a canon20d and the colour is superb, with only minimal tweeks (slight sharpening mainly). What type of kit you have been using? For film (my freelance wedding guys have not made the jump to digital yet) we scan the 120 film on auto (using no corrections) to the 3001 hard drive at 18meg, my PC is networked (set up by Noritsu) I then open all the images in Photoshop useing the File Browser. Images to keep I then flag and move them to a master file on the PC Hard Drive. When I've got all the images I need in this file I use Batch Rename to give them a consecutive numbering system (customers don't like to think you have rejacts & start to ask why? In my experience. I then burn a disk from this Master file to produce 6x4 Proofs (with a custom proof mask from Photoshop generated on the 3001). This way you don't have the messing with film through the scanner again and can print the finished photographs from this disk Which will save you about 1 hour compared with printing from the Negatives!!!

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I'm curious to know what settings you have on your 3001 for 120 scanning? It is probablt the ony area I am a little disappointed with on our machine. We have tried all sorts of combinations of sharpness, chroma, contrast etc and I've never been really happy with it.

Could you please share the settings you use?

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