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I use vfp8 for digital printing on qss 2612 noritsu minilab

The problem is: what kind of pictures should be send to printing? RGB color or CMYK?

Many users recommended that picture mode should be in RGB if So why exposure filters and adjustment keys on keyboard are in CMY?! And also if RGB is correct there are not any functions in machine and ez mall software to adjusting red-Green-Blue for digital printing.

Any suggestion is highly appreciate


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Hi Godar

Machine will only accept RGB images, CMYK images have to be converted as stated by Neil.

The VFP actually exposes using RGB filters.

A Red exposure makes Cyan on the print.

A Green exposure makes Magenta on the print.

A Blue exposure makes Yellow on the print.

So to make it easer and keep it the same as the optical side of printing Noritsu use YMC keyboard/ Ezmall adjustments, but actually when you ask the machine to say add magenta what it is actually doing is increasing the green exposure, which will increase the magenta on the print.

So as YMC is opposite to BGR another set of BGR keys/adjustments is unnecessary.

This is only a very simplified explanation, in reality it

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