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Bent corners


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We are finding that whenever we get towards the end of a roll of paper the prints emrge with a half inch bent over crease on the corner of every other print. We have a 2701 machine which runs two lanes of 6" prints side-by-side. The problem only occurs on the last 10% of every roll and must happen before the exposure section because if you unfold the corner the piece underneath is unexposed (white).

Noritsu tech blames the paper we use - Agfa QA - so we upgraded to the heavier grade thicker Agfa Sensatis but still the same thing is happening.

Anyone else had this happen?

One good bit of news is that the prints do seem to lay flatter with the Sensatis than with Agfa QA so the problem of turning-over/mixed-up prints in the sorter stack is a lot better!

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Sorry JP I should have mentioned that we get our fair share of paper jams too!

I dont think our problem is related to crossovers because the corners are bent over before they get to the exposure MLVA head and that is only about a foot away from the paper magazine! I am wondering if we have some build up of paper dust in the cutter unit which could be causing this. Anyone ever done any maintenance on the MP1600 cutter unit?

Also do you have problems maintaining uniformity on daily set-up? Sometimes it can take us 5 or 6 attempts to get a "good" result - which takes about 2 hours!

It is brilliant being able to exchange experiences. Sometimes I feel that our lab has a personal grudge against me!

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If you are getting bent over corners on one track only it sounds more like like an alignment issue rather than anything to do with paper dust, if you keep the doors open and watch the paper going through maybe you will be able to get some idea of where the paper is being damaged or being feed incorrectly.

As for your uniformity issue this can be dependant upon chemistry control and the lamps you use also if there is a lot of paper dust being dragged through the system this can cause poor uniformity...

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