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setup Ez mall


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You are getting this error because the VFP has not been completely setup on 127mm paper. When you do an emulsion No. test you have probably noticed some of the paper sizes are coloured red, this means they have been setup for the VFP, you will probably find the 127(1) or 127(2) is not red (not setup).

Go to Menu, Extension, Setup, VFP Setup, VFP Paper Balance, select the paper size and surface (127 (1) ) check the balance figures on the right, they should not be very high max 100. If they are 900 900 900, zero them press yes to register.

Shift yes select VFP 18 Step Setup it will print Y,M,C & D prints, read in prints, this should sort out problem.

You may need to do the same with all the other paper sizes that you want to use for Ezmall.

Good luck

Dave S

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