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Noritsu 3101


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Hi all,

I've got a QSS3101, which has developed a little problem that someone may be able to help with.  On smaller prints 5x3.5 to 5x7 we occassionally get very small tram lines running across the width of the paper (Not the lenght ie on a 5 x 7 on 5 inch paper the appear on the 5 inch).  I've been advised that the rollers on the paper feed  near the laser need cleaning, but it happens on a regular basis, even when I've cleaned the rollers, mostly from digital images.

Has anyone any ideas  :-/

Puzzeled from Bolton


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Is the paper phycically being marked, or is it within the exposure of the print?

White lines black lines etc etc.

It may be the crossover rollers in the paper processor section, you can swap No.3 and No.7 crossover around as a test.

Scan in a sample and post if possiable.

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It could be the pressure guide unit needs adjustment, or maybe the belt that drives the pressure guide unit. I do remember their being a modification on the belt unit, I think the old type unit had a metel belt, the new type had a rubber type belt.

About all you can do is to clean the belt & pullies very gently, on the belt unit, (located at the front on the left hand side) as anything more than that requires a technician to adjust.

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