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3101 - A few questions


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Our PC-NRT-4 went bad and kept crashing left and right (over 100 times over the weekend).

Noritsu couldn't find the problem so they ordered a new PC for us. They were out of stock on the PC in the US, so they overnighted it from Japan. We were lucky and got the PC-NRT-5 in it's place. Went from 1.0ghz to 2.0ghz - free of charge, covered under our maintenance contract. It came with half the ram as the old one though, 256mb vs 512mb. Will the RAM have much difference?

Also, with our old PC, Net Order mode never worked. I tried to enable it at one point, but it was grayed out. I tried checking NMC in the setup - I thought that's what it was. It didn't turn it in. The new PC-NRT-5 does have Net Order mode enabled though - any idea why it's working on the new PC? What's the advantage to using it? What exactly is it for? Our Lucidiom kiosks send orders in the DPOF format, the same as the CT-1's we used to have.

One other issue... with the new PC, the prints that print out do not match the monitor. The tech used the service disk and did the monitor calibration, but the color still doesn't match. I tried a Weekly and Monthly setup and used the colorimeter on the monitor - still no dice. The screen is much darker than the prints coming out. We set the Contrast to 100 as the calibration screen suggested. Brightness doesn't seem to make much difference on the monitor. The tech used the Matrox desktop utility to force the screen brighter. When Windows boots, it's so bright it hurts the eyes, When the QSS software loads, it goes back to normal, but the prints still don't match what comes out. What's the procedure for getting things back to normal? It's very difficult to edit a picture and have it not match when it prints. It's not a chemistry issue, as the problem didn't exist with the old PC earlier in the day.

Any help appreciated, thanks :)

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Less RAM will not make too much of a difference, especially as you were using a P3 1.0 GHZ and now have a P4 2.0GHZ!

More RAM helps speed up thinks like when you double click an image to crop etc.

The PC change should have nothing to do with Net order, I suspect it was turned off in the operator selection menu.

Net order allows the machine to automatically queue and print orders from the CT-1 etc, only problem is you have no way of making colour and density corrections before it prints, so not really of much use.

I think it can also be used by the Hotfolder software, don

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If your monitor is more than 3 years old, it?s probably worn out now, especially if it?s a Totoku display.

Yeah, the monitor is a Totoku and is 4 years old come December. I think Noritsu will laugh at us though if we call them in and tell them the monitor is now bad, seeing they just had to replace the computer...

I'll try your other steps next time I'm at that location (Wednesday or so). If they don't work, I guess we'll give Noritsu a call :)

Thanks for your help!

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