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What software addons are there for 3101?


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Is there a master list of all software addons available somewhere?

I spoke with a Tech and they said that all of the addons are already installed on each machine. The "installation cd" merely tells the machine to have that feature enabled and active on the machine.

So.. I'm wondering if there's a list of what's possible to unlock. I checked the registry and found it inserts serial numbers there for the different packages.

Also, I found, while looking for hidden keycombos, that if you hold down CTRL+ALT+D, it will dump you into the Debug menu. Was afraid to click on anything in here though, as some of the buttons aren't even in English.

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I'm doing this reply at home, so will try to remember what we had to buy for our 3001 in the way of additional software.

There is Red Eye reduction, Card Calendar creation software, Kodak Picture CD software (allows you to burn Kodak Picture CD's), CD-R engine, which goes with the Pict CD software, and I believe also make the normal CD readable on a MAC,

There are 2 other CD's which are for making greeting cards, and something else I can't remember.

As far as I know, none of this is already on the machine - it has to be installed from the appropriate CD, all of which need a serial number activation

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All the options are included in the SPEC manual, including software options.

Most of the software is already there just needs key to activate it, things like digital ICE, red eye etc, but on things like card/calender frame print etc all the templates are contained on the CD.

See attached 3101 spec list.

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Do you have a spec sheet on the 3001?

I was told emphatically by Kodak that no software was installed on the machine except Digital ICE! I never even saw any other programs in Windows explorer that looked like anything useful until we started installing the (expensive) optional software on the machine like Redeye, Calendars, Postcards, Business Cards, Backprint extension and dual resolution (email & normal) software.

What I can't figure out is why is it so bloody expensive? I guess they want to recoup their R&D costs in the first 5 sales!!

By the way, I believe Noritsu UK have a new boss - Tanaka San. Great guy when you meet him. a real gentleman. I speak from personal experience

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Yup Noritsu UK have a new cheese, not met yet .. As far as the costs.. mnnn what more can be said. R&D got to pay for... but when that is done, the extras Will help other \Noritsu owners tell others, so increase in sales... Seems that KIS is doing this, so over to Noritsu to wake up and smell that lovely coffee...

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Ok, it looks like I have all of the software except the Small Image Output Software, the printer driver, and possibly the CVP Imprinting Extension software. Right now for putting the date on the back of the photos, we're just going in and changing the Labname to the date. But then you have to remember to change it back after that order...

Does anyone have any of the above three and can post them, please? Also, I did not see the Deluxe viewer software in that list... anyone have that?

I wish they would update their template creation software to support all of the options that Photoshop CS/CS2 has available. It's annoying not being able to have transparency in a template. It seems for anything more involved than dropping a picture into the template and slapping in some text, it's horribly ineffecient.

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Here is the 3001 Spec.

I think most of the options are the same from machine to machine, as is the software, just minor changes made for each model, like the model number!

The options list is where most companies make their money.

A few years ago most German cars used to come with 4 wheels and a steering wheel! Everything else was an expensive option.

But I suppose times have changed, Noritsu are still selling based upon there very good reputation and reliability, so didn

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Thanks Dave. Digital Ice has always been standerd on Noritsu digital labs in Oz, as has SM chemistry.

Now that Noritsu are selling in their own right, different versions of chemistry are available, but I don't know if Ice is still sstanderd or not. we are currently waiting for a quote on a 3502, so i guess i'll find out what comes with it

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