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Need directions for system restore for 3101Digital


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Our system has been running slow/sluggish for a couple weeks now. The mouse sporadically jumps around on the screen and won't let you do anything for minutes at a time.

We have all of the software discs from Noritsu, but I looked thru the manuals and there's nothing that says what to do.

Now, I am a computer proficient and have no problems reloading the OS and software. My concern is the drivers for the specialty hardware inside the system. Are the drivers automatically loaded and found during Windows installation, or must they manually be installed?

An instruction sheet would be great! Do I load the original software and then apply all of the software updates one by one, IE B0001, D0001, E0001, etc?

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Do a back up of the Noritsu data, and your logo data, preferably make a service backup (Writing All Data CPU-Media) to a zip disk or save across the network to another computer. Take a note of your Network settings etc backup any files you need to keep as the recovery will wipe the hard drive.

Set the computer Bios to Boot from the CD ROM first, then HDD.

Put the PC-NRT recovery CD in the CD drive, reboot the computer, recovery will take about 20 minutes. If it asks for a Windows serial No, it is located on the front cover of the PC, you will have to remove the outer cover to view it.

When Windows is up and running, load service pack 4, then configure your network settings, load the five card reader software PCD-50N CD, and the ioware for the zip drive and also load the ASPI.32 driver all of which is on the Noritsu main system program CD.

Then load the latest version of the Noritsu software you have (no need to load old versions in sequence) restart the computer when it asks. (this will also load the drivers for the LVDS and ARCNET cards)

When computer restarts it will upgrade all the machine PCB's. You may have some errors at this stage due to no back up data being loaded, clear any errors. Quit the Noritsu software.

Then load all of your optional disks, red eye, multi frame print, card calendar etc Don't forget the digital ice CD (only 29,& 30, series)

Now load the latest Profile data disk you have, restart the computer.

Finally load the backup data. Logo etc.

Do a weekly setup, then monthly setup, calibrate the flatbed scanner if installed.

Check the drive letters for the media drives are correct in option registration media.

Your Done!!

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Thanks! I followed the directions today and they worked like a charm!

However, it didn't seem to fix the problem. :( The computer randomly freezes up. The screen freezes and you can't use the mouse or keyboard. It's a hard lock with no error message. Been having to hold in the power button to get it to power off and then restart the system.

Any idea what could be the cause of this? There is no other software loaded on the machine. It's a fresh install from your directions above. Possibly a component has gone bad inside the machine itself?

Also, sometimes the monitor gets all static and distorts the image. It happened today. Turning off the monitor and turning it back on does not fix the picture -- a restart of the entire system is needed to restore the display on the monitor.

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It could be a problem with the mouse or keyboard.

Try a different mouse & keyboard.

It may be a bad connection on the plugs on the back of the PC, remove and re-fit all of them.

Try removing the PC, clean all the dust off the motherboard, check the CPU fan is running, remove and re-fit the RAM, and each PCI card + graphics card.

Have a look at the Windows error log (control panel, administrative tools, event viewer) it may give you some clues as to the cause of the freezing.

If it

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