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Need 3101 External CD-R Writer software update


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Currently running v4.06 for the External CD-R Writer program.

Chatted with a tech when they were in for a PM and he said we needed to purchase any and all updates for that program. I don't quite understand this, as the updates don't add any functionality, they just fix bugs.

So, does anyone have a newer version of this they can send to me, please?

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That's the only version I have!

I've never seen a version that will allow you to minimise the window.

During the training at Noritsu Koki they made it very clear that no other software should be loaded on the external writing system computer.

I presume that is why you can't minimise the window.

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Yeah, there's a v5.6 or so version of the software, but the tech said he'd have to order it and it wouldn't be a free update. Says it allows you to minimize the program.

We have a ton of software loaded on external system and have just one issue at random for past 2 years. The only issue is sometimes the 3101 freaks out if it randomly checks to see if the writer software is open. If it asks, just start the program, clear the error and then you can close the writer program/winkey+D to minimize to view desktop. This works okay, but the start menu stays hidden and makes it a pain to switch between programs and to access programs running in systray.

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