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Post from an Idiot, and why this section is here


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These items are kept CONFIDENTAIL by Noritsu becuase they are supplimental training materials prodided to those that attend official Technical training.

The same goes for Service manuals and the service password disk.

Once you are through the proper training, all those materials would be available to you in addtion to you being trained to work on the equipemnt properly and safely.

The manual, service personnel disk and formulas do NOT belong on a public forum.

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If I take on board what the village idiot said, then I should be doing the training to get access to the software right?

Well what if the training is NOT made available to me? I am not from a third world country, and I have a full service contract on my machine. AT NO TIME EVER, has any of this software been offered or made available, just as no training has ever been offered other than the initail training when the machine was installed.

I guess there is a secret society out there of "trained" people.

Does anyone know ANYONE who has done the training and got the software? I bet there are either none or 1 or 2 - its just not offered to the great unwashed out there!

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