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Are you doing passport photos?

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Are you doing passport photos? Is it easy or would you like a third party bit of software to maybe help?

I have found a site doing passport software and if I can get enough intrest, that is like 20 of you, I am able to get a 50% discount for you. If you are intrested, please PM (Private message) me.

You can see more info and get a trial at http://www.onthegosoft.com/passport_photo.htm

This would be a group purchase that I can take care of for you.

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Have used this passport software.  Got it free with a computer mag and it works very well.  However, we are using the Sony wireless bluetooth now and it is magic.  Have to say, the Sony can probably do just about any country and you can play about with the 2 customisable frames they give you.  We got it supplied with 3 years prime support in the price.

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hay u all

    some problem with 2301 filters dose not move normally image is very dark .but no abnormal massage appear to me and also data in channel change from time to time .

i  attached e-filming carrier to it  but there is no center in images and also when am doing uniformity  auto windows appear    to me there is error and he have to close it . any one can help please  reply me thanks


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