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Professional (affordable) photo book making system

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Through CPAC Imaging you can now get a photo book making system at very affordable price.

The system inlcudes software to compile your photo book collages, a creaser, aligment jig and sheet cutter.

All complete with a starter kit of PVC sheets this unit comes at 1599 EUR.

Check a demo movie of how the system is being used here:

For more information contact me at Marco@cpac.be

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In reply to the private message sent to me:

If you think you can get 200euro's for one of these Photobooks in the uk then you need to see a Doctor.

Most Photolabs are struggling to get  10p per print!!!

To me Photobooks are an overpriced fad.

This Industry has to find a way of getting mums and dads, Uncles and Aunties, Nieces and Nepfews to spend money on having their digital images printed.

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    In certain, well heeled, parts of the country, 200euro's will be paid quite happily. For the rest of us, I am certain, such returns are nigh on impossible. Because of the setup and labour involved I see no realistic way to provide to the 'mass' market, but there are several areas I would consider that we could make inroads. Weddings, births, and portraits being the main areas. Most pro. pho's will be quite happy using the very easy online ordering offered by many printers (4u2u for example), but many can't be bothered with it. If you have a pro.pho. client base, try selling the idea to them. I have sown several seeds, most have wilted, but one keeps coming back to the idea. All we need is a couple of successfull pro's setting the trend, then, who knows?

  These comment only really apply to the UK, as the rest of the world population seem to have accepted the 'photobook' with open arms (and wallets!).

Unfortunately, quickpics, the trend in printing, mainly because of the ease and cheapness of inkjet printers, will continue downwards. Like film, the printing of bulk 6x4's is twilight, what we have left is what people cannot achieve 'at home', which for 'switched on' people, is not a lot, for most of the rest, T####'# will do. This is a shrinking market, but highly specialised, so will not fail entirely, IMHO.

The cpac system looks interesting, I would like to handle the finished product, anyone using it?

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I agree with some of the comments here.

I think photobooks are an over rated waste of time in the UK. I invested a little money in the unibind system, produced a really nice sample using pro taken wedding photos, which is displayed on the counter and run promotions on them. Most customers want me to design the layouts for them, too lazy to do it themselves even though I can provide the software for them to do in the comfort of their own home. This takes me a lot of valuable time which is never recovered in the price.

How many have i done in the 20 months since I bought into it?

No more than 20 !!!

Now ask me how many cine films and videos I transfer to DVD  each month.......

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Hey Tony.  What would you think about putting your expertise on DVD transfer in a tutorial and posting it here?  Process and type of equipment required.  The technologically challenged (like  :) me) would find that most useful.  Mind you, I haven't checked that there isn't a tute already there either.

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Just to bring this back ON TOPIC  ;) I aint sure if its location or what, but where we live the Photo Books are popular, again, maybe its just around here, but we have been out, and have seen camera club members showing of work, in a photo book, even at pop concerts, we have seen fans showing of photo books that they have done.

You do have a market for them,and people are willing to pay.. But get out more  ;)

Step one, find your local camera club, step 2 talk to them, step 3 offer a wee discount, step 4 any camera club going, will now be promoting photo books, in one form or another.. So get your store on the list rather than "an-other"

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I'm yet to have a single enqiry about photo books. It seems like a product that requires a lot of marketing and promotion to raise peoples awareness.

I'm steering clear of them for now, I don't have the time or the resources to put in to it, but I can see there is lots of potential.

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Once upon a time, users did not know that they could get there own photos printed onto canvas... Once upon a time people did not know they could get cine/video to DVD, once upon a time, people did not know that a local lab could print digital photos for them..

Think about it... and become a local lab, thats going to offer this new service, also get in touch with your local paper, or TV co, they are looking for local stories to run...

Lets go back to 2004  ;) Many labs had little faith in digital labs  ;)


Taken from -> http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1073656831/

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Very good points Neil, but it rather confirms the groundswell of opinion.

1/ Cost is an issue. Certainly in my area, although there is indeed some fabulous wealth evident (multi million £ yatchs and holiday homes) the vast majority of residents are in fact bellow the poverty line (minimum wage legislation is a godsend for many,but in several areas is being blatantly ignored), and those with the resourses spending the bulk of their disposable out of the county.

2/ Promotion. The level of continued promotion required to raise awareness of this product is beyond the means of most small (even medium size) Labs. I am waiting to see what level of awareness that the 'big box' stores can generate when their self service kiosks come on-line. Let them spend the £10'sK, and ride in on the wave 8)

Your point about public awareness of what a Lab ACTUALLY  does is very relevant, as we get asked almost on a daily basis whether we can print digital images. There is a 6ft banner in the window stating quite clearly that we can print any image from any media, digital or film, but this is obviously either too small or too ambiguous. :X

As for the product, it is fantastic, and I would really enjoy selling it, just wish I had the market. Room for a small lab up your way?

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:)Very good points Photographis.

I certainly have no budget for advertising- in fact I have wasted so much money on that, that I will never consider it again.

So, how do we get the message across to the consumer what do we do? Herein lies the solution but also the problem. We can't afford advertising etc, so what do we do?

I've tried no end of flashy marketing ideas, only to see the public completely ignore them (at my expense) I think direct marketing has to be a way forward, and Neil, bless him, has given us a few ideas. When I came into the business you couldn't go wrong- loads of film coming in every day- wonderful. I was attracted to this industry because I loved the technology etc. I'm not a natural businessman or salesman, but now you need to be. I rather fancy there are several people like me who need a bit of education in these dark arts.

I'm going to have a ponder, and then start a thread and make it a sticky for marketing ideas. Lets share our knowledge and ideas to help each other through these difficult times. Of course if someone else would like to kick it of then please do so, and we'll use your thread.

And Liz, I will write a tutorial about cine to DVD transfer, Video has already been covered, watch this space.



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Well, I can speak only from my experience as technician for KIS Photobook machine and discussions I had with my 2 clients who bought this machine  ;)

I have one rare customer which had money and good business to buy (6 months ago) new DKS 1710, Photobook V2 and E-Station kiosk.

All off this was sold as package, and the price was fair, he also told me that he never would bought Photobook alone, but as package it was good price.

First, you have to have examples off at least best selling sizes (20x20cm and 30x40), with professional (preferably wedding) images and assembled in something like DG Foto Art (much better for wedding, then KIS Imaxell solution, which is OK for amateur work)

Most off his business is related to his professional work like wedding, school, studio..., but fortunately for him he made a deal with a lot off other "professional" photographers who do not have minilabs at all (most off them do not have a shop at all, they are living from their "professional" work), which are doing there wedding prints in his shop.

This large quantity off professional prints he is doing on the machine was ideal ground to introduce the Photobook without much advertise beside word off mouth (I think this is the proper term ?).

He even ordered the plastic sleeves for 20x20 and 15x20 photobooks.

When testing the machine he realized that the best size for wedding couple would be 30x40 cm wedding option on the Photobook, which actually glues two 30x40 pages and scored it 4 time in the beginning, there is also 2cm space before scoring without glue, after this gluing off two pages, the process is finished and machine is ready for another two....

He also ordered the electric machine which is making the holes in the beginning (part without glue) of this two glued pages. He also ordered special hard cover (from local small printing office) which has two metal bars in the middle and screw like system to bind everything together.

On the end finished photobook is looking very nice and it has 60 (I think?) pages, all off the prints (for small and big photobook are done on Fuji supreme paper, because off the thickness off course).

He started with offer for weeding couple with 4 20x20 photobooks for 150€, and 1 big (30x40 60 pages with hard cover, I do not know the price), and with time (6 months now) his sales are raising, specially the big photobook. But beside raising the sales off his professional work, also other "professional" photographers started to order Photobook for there wedding work.

To summarize this long post  :o, Photobook is great opportunity for professional work, but assembling the images, effects, backgrounds... is critical and it takes a lot off time and effort, but I think this is only way to do it if you want to earn money.

Another point is that Photobook machine like this is good only if your machine can do 30x45 (at least) and if you can advertise it with another colleagues, another shops, wedding photographers, school photographers...., for amateur work I think it is very hard to have good sales in short time without enormous cost for advertise.

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