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Calendar Making Software

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This time of year, is when you need to be thinking about doing your Calendar promotions. There is a piece of software called Simply Calenders that is featured packed, can out put as image files, many languages supported, pretty easy to use, gives a high quality result and will enable just about any lab to produce calendars.

Plus as an extra bonus, we have negotiated a 15% discount for you   Though to be honest the software is well within budget, even without the discount.

I have done a mini review, and you can see it, and also find the download links and how to get your 15% discount by visiting the review section on our main site --->>>>


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On DKS 15 , 16 and 17 series, you would find in the external features a software called creative frame.

If not installed , ask gently your favorite engineer to install it : it's a part of the kit and it's free...

It's not the most user friendly software but it exists ! and allow you more than just calendars

you may find the user manual at the end of the dks's user manual :

little bulb on the bottom of the config screen

hope this help

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