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What Is New Products In Photo Lab Business

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Dear friends

I am new on this forum

We sale all photo Equipments And Minilab Parts For all photo lab machine.But Last Year Business Is wery Down so i am searching about new products regarding photo marketing business so any idea about this ? which is new products in photo finishing line

Please e mail me on photoequipmentshop@gmail.com


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Yes, it's a physical product you put on the shelf and sell. Been a while since we had something different to sell and this has gone well. Have a look at the website I posted to see what it is all about.

Another new product we have done well with is photo blocks. Basically black MDF with edging and a self adhesive surface. The ones we are getting are Adventa, but I think other suppliers have them too.

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I've just noticed that photocorp has already posted on this topic. Check it out here http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1318308886/

If it works the main advantage as far as I'm concerned would be the ability to run standard, single sided branded paper most of the time and just use double sided when necessary.

In my area the Kodak branding of my store is an important part of why we are still in business so the ability to continue with the sign above the door is critical.

Have been trying to print some samples with a pro lab in Australia who have one operational. RGB in Brisbane but no luck with their online ordering for this particular product so far.

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It does often feel like a war in the photo trade, at most levels. I would say the bravest soldiers right now are the guys on the high street, wether it be a lab, or a camera shop.

Both Kodak and FujiFilm are putting up a fight too, but of course the market has changed so much in the last 5-10 years, with newer names coming in.

I hardly think Kodak is going to go down quietly.

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