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internet photo printing

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Yes, DakisPat is right.  Custom website with on-line ordering will be expensive if done by a company that doesn't specialize in it.  Don't pay to re-invent the wheel.

If you have a web site, skip this next paragraph.

If you have NO web site, do it yourself, or a friend, or hire a company for a BASIC site.  NO FLASH.  Lower expenses is always good.  I designed ours, and it's nice (better than most), but not super PRO, and I have it hosted on a free web site hosting company.  I paid for the domain registration for 10 years, and nothing to host it since then.  

Look at Dakis' on-line only ordering option for customers to print their photos with you - customers prepay via PayPal or credit card  :)

Dakis costs nothing to start - and it's 1 simple link to add a link from your web site to the on-line ordering solution.  You need a PayPal business account or a Authorize.net account (I think).

Look at PhotoCart to put your photos on-line for customers to order prints from studio/location photography that you've taken.

PhotoCart costs a little bit (~$300-400), but it's a one-time only cost/purchase.  It's a bunch of pre-written code you integrate into your existing web site (supposed to be fairly easy to do, but since I haven't done it, I don't know)  You can also pay them a few extra bucks and they'll add the software to your web site and get it running.  Then you just customize it to your web site's look and feel.

There are many others, but they cost more per month and may not be cost effective for you (or me) at this time.  

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Dakis is a really good solution. I know its not good to push anything on the forum but this product has made online affordable without high upfront costs. Big change from others on the market.

Selling prints online and having a fulfilment solution - try PhotoShelter. Not sure on the photographers cost, but it's free being a lab and listing your services to photographers/event organisers in your area.

Always a better value solution, but I think these two are the best we have found - and thats after lots of research.

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