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Online Ordering System


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Hi Minilab Owners,

I was looking for online photo ordering system and found that with my requirement the development cost will be nothing less than $1500. Are you looking for similar web based application ?

If yes please come forward we get this development cost shared and own the application.


We will list down all requirement.

Sort out requirements based on priority and importance.

Create a project in freelance based website, fixed the project bid.

Install the app every member's webserver

If any additional member joins us after that project is fully implemented we will charge an amount for the application which will be used for upgradation or enhancement purpose.

If you think I am not trustable then please request our moderator Neil for a Treasurer  :)

I am sure many of us want such application our own, lets do it.



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Hi all!

Another solution may be the Photo-Online solution.  Photo-Online is located in Belgium and also has it's servers running in a European datacenter in Brussels.  You can check out the demo ordering site at http://demo.photo-online.com

The application allows not only to order prints online but also photo books, calendars, greeting cards and other fun products.  If you can't handle production yourself of the fun products, orders can be automatically routed to your preferred partner that will make the fun products. But for the consumer it seems he will always remain on your site (shop).  Another option is the PRO Gallery module.  this allows any professional photographer to easily setup galleries with his event pictures from where customers can directly order prints (or other products you offer) online.

It integrates out of the box with many payment providers such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Worldpay, Netaxept, etc.

We bring out almost every month an updated version with new features.  All this is done without the need of any interaction from the site owners.  In the next version for example we will integrate with Flickr.com so that consumers having pictures on flickr can place orders with it on a Photo-Online driven ordering site.  So no more need to re-upload their pictures in this case.  For future versions (still this year) we will also integrate the system with Google's Picasa and Facebook.

Many other features and options come as standard.

Let me know if you need more information.  I can also mail you a list with reference sites.


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