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Audio tapes to CD.

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We have been doing huge quantities (>$3000/month) of movie transfer work over the last 10-12 months, mainly due to our advertising on radio.

We are now moving into audio tapes (cassette and reel to reel) onto Cd.

Investment in equipment so far has been an AKAI cassette deck at $5, reel to reel AKAI deck at $250, and software/decoder gizmo for $49.

We have been charging $40 per hour for this work in the past as we have had to have it done by an outside supplier, and I'm planning to keep charging the same once we start to do it in house. I already have over 20 hours of audio tapes waiting to be done, so it has already paid for itself.

Is there anyone else who is already doing this work? Any tips or hints?

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What sort of audio tapes are people wanting to transfer? I only ever used them to tape vinyl albums, so I could listen to them in the car. I did recently pick up a nice harman kardon tape deck off a rubbish pile, & it works perfectly.

I don't think I have ever seen a reel to reel tape recorder, perhaps I'm not old enough for that!  ;D

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we are getting the lot - cassettes, reel to reel and LP's.

And it seems I've now found a way to LEGALLY copy cassettes and LP's without incurring the roth of the copyright police. In Australia, for $66 per year, you can get a licence to "format shift" music files. am checking with a legal beagle to make sure its all ok, but its looking really good.

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So far we have had six orders for audio cassettes to CD - total value $1,230.00!

Once I get the license in hard copy, we are going to go on radio and advertise the new service - the baby boomers who have the movies and the slides are the same ones who grew up with cassettes - makes lots of sense to start milking that segment of the market as well.

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